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“Remembrance” to Multiplié dance festival

27 March, 2012


A selection from the short film cycle «Remembrance» are to be screened at the dance festival MULTIPLIÉ 2012, which takes place in Trondheim from April 19th to 25th. Multiplié is a festival which bends the idea about what dance can and cannot be, and whom can be a potential dancer or choreographer. «Remembrance» consists of 8 short films, each based upon the same video materiale but edited and developed with individual sound works, creating 8 very different expressions. The films were a collaboration with people from the dance scene in Trondheim. Read more about the films here.


“body.move” to Icelands 700IS

5 March, 2012

The two channel video piece “body.move” are to be screened at the Iceland festival 700IS, a festival for experimental film and video. The festival runs from March 23th to 28th in Egilsstadir, and the screening is part of the program for Papay Gyro Nights. Brush up your Icelandic knowledge and read more about 700IS here.

“Nor Noise” to the Orkneys

1 February, 2012

“Nor Noise” skal this February be screened at the 2nd Papay Gyro Nights, the international contemporary art festival on the isle of Papa Westray, Orkney. The film is programed in a series with experiemental films and video art. The festival has previously exhibited both “Remembrance” and “body.move”. This 2nd edition of the festival takes place from the 6th to the 12th of February. Please visit the festival here

“Turn My Head” finally has its premiere screening

29 October, 2011

During the Kulturnatta 2011 in Porsgrunn my short film “The Way You Turn My Head” finally has its premiere – three years after its shooting… A lot of technical problems and a heavy work load have made the completion of this film a more than cumbersome process. Read more about the process here. 

Stian Sandersen plays the main character in a fragmented portrait of a man who simply isn’t qiute there…

Other participants are Malin Bratlie, Vibeke Lie, Rikke Runde, Dominique Hardy and Lene Kleven. Musical modulation of Chopins music is done by Jan William Fines. This is Pastiche Films production no. 15. Read more about the film here.

The screening takes place at Porsgrunn Art Society at these times: 16:00, 17:00 and 18:00. The screenings are free and open for all, but it should be noted that the film is not suitable for smaller children.

“Nor Noise” to Kongsberg Jazz Festival

9 March, 2011

The Noise documentary “Nor Noise” is to be screened at Kongsberg Jazz Festival this summer. The festival runs from July 6th to 9th and has besides its concert program also a yearly film program. The film was selected as a part of this years series with films about experimental music. Parts of the film was also shot at Kongsberg, like the interview with Otomo Yoshihide. The screening will take place on saturday, July 9.

Read more about the film here

Visit the festivals home page here

“Remembrance”, “body.move” to the Orkneys

20 January, 2011

Two of my video works will in February be screened at the art festival PAPAY GYRO NIGHTS 2011, which takes place on the little island Papa Westray (Papay), a part of the Orkney Islands. “Remembrance” and “body.move” are part of the festivals programmes for experimental film and installation pieces. The festival has this poetic description of it self: “In February, when nights are long and weather can be vicious and only brave ones will dare to undertake a journey across the rough sea, the Island will be transformed into the art gallery, where works will be displayed in unconventional locations, changing perception of the timeless landscape.” A good place to be screened, in other words.

Festivalen is running from the 14. to the 21. February, and is arranged by LAND ART – PAPA WESTRAY, an artist run, international art project started in 2007.

Read more about the festival by clicking here.

“No Secrets”… on Vimeo

9 January, 2011

My good friend, Tore Bøe, founder and coordinator of the art collective Origami Republika has posted some excerpts from a documentary slash installation piece I did for him for an exhibition he held at Sound of Mu in Oslo, Norway in 2008. The video “There Are No Secrets” and the exhibition, together with a concert evening, was centred around Boes acustic laptops. See Clip 1 by on Vimeo by clicking here; clip 2 is an interview and you see it by clicking here. The excerpts are posted due to the release of the online album “010A oslo 2008″ is released as a free download on​boe.

Read more about Origami Republika here.